Maryana Ivlev

I once attended a conference at one of my alma mater Fashion Institute of Technology. The speech that stuck with me the most was from a group of guys in the recycling business (both NYC and private). They kept on encouraging everyone to prolong life on their clothes by preaching to wear, repair, reuse, and recycle. That favorite dress that has gotten too loose after you lost a few pounds? Tailor it. Gained weight? Attend one of the clothes swaps in your area. Those socks with holes that you think no one would ever need? Put them into the recycling bin (NOT garbage). Why? All donated clothes and fabrics scraps go through sorting. Those holey socks go into mattress stuffing or those colorful fabric parts in a car. Want to shop for fabric while doing good? Try my favorite fabric store in Brooklyn Army Terminal You can earn a few pounds of free fabric while sorting their donations. All the above actions (wear, repair, reuse, and recycle) keep our clothes out of the landfill.


Image credit: JOSHUA COLEMAN

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