How to overcome motion sickness without drugs

Maryana I.

I am the princess and the pea when it comes to traveling by ship, bus or train. I can feel and hear every turn of the engine, and every bump on the road. It wasn't always this way. In my childhood, I loved traveling by overnight train to grandma, and while I felt the rocking motion for days after the trip it did not give me nausea. I first discovered I had motion sickness when my former boyfriend, a new driver, insisted on driving on winding roads of Yosemite National Park, while I rode in a passenger seat literally and figuratively on the edge. all I saw to my right is a big empty nothingness. a few years after, I took a cruise with my mother and brought a pack of Dramamine for her, as she never traveled on a boat before. Needless to say, I gobbled all the Dramamine (my mom had no symptoms). For a week after the cruise, I felt an unpleasant rocking motion at work. Then I discovered bracelets that apply acupressure on inside of my wrists, and I never had to take drugs again. I am delighted to have them in my store:  

I never take a bus or jump into a car without one anymore. Even one bracelet helps me, but studies suggest wearing two. Thus they are sold as a pair.

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