Sustainable travel: Tips on how to explore the world while also loving it in 2023

What is sustainable travel? Sustainable travel means traveling while being mindful of the consequences of our choices made towards the environment, the climate and the local community. Sustainable travel comes down to the choices you make from your travel method, your accommodation, to your activities and your purchases. In this article I will give you some useful tips on how to travel more sustainably.

Eco friendly fabric: What real sustainable fashion is made of

What is Eco- friendly fabric? Eco -friendly fabrics are textiles that have a smaller eco- logical footprint than its alternatives. Its resources are renewable and can be extracted without hurting the environment. They are non- toxic. The processing of eco- friendly fabrics is less damaging to the environment. Eco friendly fabric is more biodegradable. It lasts longer. It has a circular manufacturing process in which recycling is a key factor. Eco friendly fabrics are obtained in better conditions for its workers. 

Why should we recycle? Benefits of recycling and how to do it right

Why should we recycle?, We should recycle because it reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. It reduces the need to extract new raw materials which in turn reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Recycling saves money and creates jobs. Creating products from recycled materials saves energy. Recycling is important as it helps tackle climate change and keep our Eco- systems including its wildlife safe and healthy.