About us

Welcome to the about page of Green travel Goods. On this page you will learn more about our team, our mission and the story behind the website.

Mission and statement

Our mission is simple, to make traveling sustainable more accessible. We hope to achieve this by sharing tips and information about the best (green) travel goods out there. We will only post honest and helpful reviews on products that we wholeheartedly support. We put extensive research into all our post and check all our sources thoroughly. We hope that through this website, we can contribute in making a cleaner and healthier planet while enjoying all our beautiful world has to offer.

Our story

We started this website in the summer of 2023. We wanted to travel the world but understood very well how tourism and traveling in general can damage our planet in ways beyond our comprehension. We decided to do research to find ways to travel without increasing our ecological footprint. We believe it is possible to fulfill your passion of traveling, while doing as little damage to the planet as possible. We started looking online for all kinds of different products such as eco-friendly suitcases, waterproof jackets and bamboo toothbrushes. We were excited to find out about all the amazing offers out there. After months of research and some great purchases, we decided to create a website to share our findings, hoping it would help others find the best products out there and make there contribution in creating a healthier planet.

Who We are

Our names are Veerle and Koen and we are a couple from the Netherlands. We are the creators and only content writers for Green travel goods, but we hope to expend our team soon!,

I am Veerle and I am 27 years old. I was born in Amsterdam and I studied Geography. I fell in love with traveling at a very young age. I grew up in a family of five and was raised with what I would call the basics of an eco-friendly lifestyle, electric car, recycling all our trash, solar panels, water tons to catch the rainwater for the garden,  and grass and wildflowers in our backyard. However, we also took some incredible trips around the world as a family to Sweden, the USA and many other amazing places. During my study’s my love for traveling grew, but my love for the planet and its climate grew, just as much as my worries for it. With the knowledge I gained from my study and my own personal interest, I hope to create content for you that will encourage you to keep doing what you love, while still making responsible choices for our beautiful planet.

My name is Koen and I am 27 years old. Traveling has always been my passion. I grew up camping with my family, trekking all over Europe. I love the outdoors have a passion for wildlife. In the past few months I have dedicated a Lott of my time into finding products that are responsibly made to take with us on our trips. While searching I came upon so many incredible businesses and movements, more then I could ever imagine. I believe that in the crazy world of internet, it is easy to get lost quickly and get of track. For this website one of my goals was to create an organized space were we collect all information about our favorite findings. My goal is only to share products and information that I get really excited about. I hope my passion for the outdoors, wildlife and traveling will be visible in my (our) content.

Our responsibility

As content creators in such an important niche, we are fully aware of the responsibilities that come with this. Our goal is therefore to always be transparent and honest in all of our content. As described in our mission,  ‘We hope that through this website, we can contribute in making a cleaner and healthier planet while enjoying all our beautiful world has to offer. ‘ Now we understand completely that there is quite possibly no way to travel fully Eco- friendly. However, we believe that making an effort is the first step, and a crucial step when it comes to making a difference. Please note, we are no experts on the subject nor do we claim to be. We are content creators trough collecting (well researched) information and simply aim to share our findings.

Connect with us

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